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siloxane removed system

during high temperature combustion, siloxane in landfill gas will be converted to white hard particles which will accelerate wear of engine combustion chamber parts such as cylinder, valve and valve seat etc.
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product description

methods of siloxane removal mainly include refrigeration method and adsorption method. the refrigeration method cools gas to a certain low temperature -49℃so that siloxane is drained along with condensate. common feature of refrigeration cold method and wet method is continuous production. adsorption method for removal of siloxane has complicated operation for adsorbent regeneration/replacement.

product specifications:

  • max. ambient temperature: 38℃
  • min. ambient temperature: -18℃
  • capacity: 30000nm3/d
  • inlet pressure: 0.15-0.20mpa
  • max.inlet temperature: 35℃
  • inlet relative humidity: 100%rh;
  • outlet pressure dewpoint: -20~-50℃
  • filtration efficiency: 90%

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