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       in 2007, several young people who are interested in environmental protection in china founded "nanjing carbon recycle biomass technology co., ltd.".

       after more than ten years of development, the company has established a manufacturing and service system focusing on renewable resources utilization, research on new gas separation materials, and comprehensive services for environmental protection projects. the company focuses on the recycling and utilization of biogas, coal-bed methane and vocs.

       invention patent certificate:"a membrane absorption device and method for purifying bio-methane", patent no.: zl 2014 1 0584527.3;invention patent certificate:"a high permeability separation membrane for organic gas",patent no.:zl 2020 1 1524982.6; invention patent certificate:"a membrane treatment method for recovering and purifying volatile organic vapor in waste gas",patent no.:zl 2020 1 0365142.3;  the company also has more than 20 invention patent certificates and utility model patent certificates, it has been widely used in various engineering projects.

       compressed condensation gas recovery process; vocs recovery process by gas membrane separation; the process of up to environmental compliance discharge of dichloromethane adsorption method; wet oxidation process for removing hydrogen sulfide; co2 removal process by amine absorption;low nitrogen combustion vocs destruction process. these processes are widely used in vocs, biogas, coal-bed methane and other industrial scenarios

       the company's products and engineering services have won the praise of more than 400 customers. while creating economic value for customers, it also realizes the environmental benefits of "green water and green mountains".

       nanjing carbon ring biomass technology co., ltd. has the following qualifications: general contracting qualification for environmental protection projects: pressure pipeline installation qualification, and electromechanical equipment installation qualification.

tel:025-84414484 fax:025-86647595 address:wenying road no.3,binjiang development zone jiangning district,nanjing city

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