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the solar torch is a clean torch

  • published: 2016-12-20 13:06:00
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 we had finally completed the task from our customers .we designed and producted a solar torch,as a tool which could deodorant and burn the gas safely . customers often have some special requirements on a torch. for example, you wish that a torch could burn the gas when gas coming and shut down when gas gone , so we need a simple method to judge there is gas or not.a complicated gas measurement equipments are not needed. you hope a torch could move conveniently,meanwhile,you hope that a torch doesn’t need the also worry about the safety of a torch, you think that you must arrange a person on duty.some customers are faced with a embarrassing situation which they have multiple gas sources, but small gas volume, they would not like to collect all gasses to a centralized burning treatment device…,a solar torch could solve your problems and full fill all of your requirements.

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