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the gas pretreatment equipment to be used in the tunlan gas generation project is going to be delivered

  • published: 2017-05-27 16:56:00
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we have signed with xishan coal electricity group the agreement on tunlan gas generation project (phase three) gas pretreatment system. the project has a total treatment capacity of 4000nm3/h and the equipment will be shipped in containers. we have carefully designed the products, effectively organized the production, and checked every product strictly before delivery. we have performed our duties under the agreement with both quality and quantity guaranteed. we have met all the technical performance requirements of the project. the equipment is now ready to be shipped to the project site under the proprietor’s instructions.

equipment name: gas pretreatment system in containers

project location: tunlan gas generation project phase three site, gujiao, shanxi

size: 4000nm3/h treatment capacity

tel:025-84414484 fax:025-86647595 address:wenying road no.3,binjiang development zone jiangning district,nanjing city

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