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engineering case related to coalbed methane project undertaken by nanjing carbon recycle

  • published: 2018-05-08 15:33:00
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the coalbed methane pretreatment system is an important link in the gas transmission and distribution system of coalbed methane power plants. the technical level of our company in the field of coalbed methane treatment has been quite mature and stable. the feedback on cooperation with many enterprise projects is also very good. it is very good in 2018. so far, the new projects are as follows:

       ---tunlan gas power(second) pretreatment equipment


                   rated treatment gas volume 7600nm3/h


       ---zhangji east district gas power station


                    rated treatment volume 4000nm3/h


       ---yuecheng coal mine gas power plant project


                    the gas capacity is 3500nm3/h


       ---guizhou lao shatian coal mine gas power plant project


                    the gas volume is 9600nm3/h


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