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by the end of 2018, our company has achieved a target with leaps and bounds in the field of biomass gas power generation

  • published: 2019-01-09 13:53:00
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nanjing carbon recycle biomass technology co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture and  engineering of biomass gas purification equipment. the industry involves comprehensive utilization of biogas from domestic garbage, kitchen waste, agricultural waste, livestock and pasture waste, from, alcohol plant, paper mill, food plant., and also coal mine gas fields. the biomass gas pretreatment system is a equipment between the biomass gas and the biomass gas generator set, providing a clean and stable gas source for the gas generator is an essential purification system for biomass gas power generation. our company has successively worked for xishan coal and electricity cbm power generation project, huainan mining cbm power generation project,henan baichuan landfill gas power generation project, shanghai laogang(veolia) landfill gas power generation project,jiangsu welle leachate treatment plants, chengdu changan landfill gas power generation project, guangzhou xingfeng landfill gas power plant, changsha heimifeng landfill gas power generation project …, and supply gas pretreatment purification systemes for all projects.

with more than ten years of technological innovation, our company has accumulated rich engineering experience and has undertaken more than 280 biogas power projects. as of 2018, the cumulative installed capacity is 322mw, providing green power of 16.2×108kwh, equivalent to 1.62% of the annual power generation of the three gorges hydropower station, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 11.4 million tons,.we appreciate it ,with environmental and economic benefits.

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