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pretreatment system for landfill gas

the major components of landfill gas are methane and carbon dioxide, which are colorless and odorless gases. the nasty smell at landfill field comes from some minor components, such as volatile aromatic compounds and sulfur-based compounds. landfill gas typically consists of 50% -60% of methane, 40%- 50% of carbon dioxide and 1% of minor components.
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product description

landfill gas (lfg) can be used as fuel for generators or boilers, but its harmful elements and water vapor are substantial threat to engine and boiler. therefore the gas pretreatment system, which can remove harmful elements and reduce moisture before combustion, plays a significant role in the utilization of landfill gas as a fuel resource.

nanjing carbon recycle biomass energy co., ltd. has participated in the largest landfill gas to electricity project in the world which can treat gas at 30000 nm3/h, and generate power at 16 mega watts.

the performance characteristics

  • the outlet gas temperature: ≤50℃
  • gas outlet pressure: 35kpa
  • gas relative humidity: ≤80%rh
  • gas particle size: ≤3µm

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