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other applications

gas pretreatment unit is mainly used for gas extraction,pressurizing,dehydration,and filtration functions.pretreated landfill gas will be sent to gas power generator or other gas consumption equipment. gas power generators manufactured in china and abroad have different requirements on gas pressure and quality.
in landfill gas utilization project, scada system consists of control and monitoring functions for the whole process, especially scada is used to monitor gas treatment equipments and power generators. the cdm monitoring data is transmitted to scada to form record reports for cer’s. scada system also features network communication function for remote supervisory via lan and internet.
the liquid contaminant in the coal mine gas will not only damage the gas engine,but also cause the freeze and water blocking in the pipe line.nanjing carbon recycle biomass energy will remove the liquid and moisture by useing refrigerant and desiccant dryer.the gas will have a lower relative humidity and dew point.
during high temperature combustion, siloxane in landfill gas will be converted to white hard particles which will accelerate wear of engine combustion chamber parts such as cylinder, valve and valve seat etc.
oil-by-gas can be used as fuel for gas engine.but the contaminant as moisture,siloxane and heavy hydro-carbon should be removed.

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