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landfill gas pretreatment

gas pretreatment unit is mainly used for gas extraction,pressurizing,dehydration,and filtration functions.pretreated landfill gas will be sent to gas power generator or other gas consumption equipment. gas power generators manufactured in china and abroad have different requirements on gas pressure and quality.
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some also require desulfurization and siloxane removal functions.basic gas pretreatment unit can attain pressure reaching 50kpa,relative humidity less than 80%,granularity less than 1 microns,and gas supply temperature less than 50℃

there are two typies of landfill gas pretreatment,skid-mounted or container type.the biggest landfill gas pretreatment unit we have manufactured is 15000m3/h.

nanjing carbon recycle biomass technology co.,ltd.has the technology to control the gas flow with stable pressure.the gas engines and flare could be controlled at the same time.

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