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the bio- gas flare

the bio-gas flare fits the “solid waste sanitary landfill technology specification" standard. it creates a beautiful livable environment with clear water and bright sky.
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technical feature

  • model max.capacity
    (nm3/h) flange connection pressure size(d*h) mounting dimensions mounting holes ignition electrodenumber weight(kg) internal-300e 300 dn80/pn10 >2kpa ø1000*7000 ø850 8-m30 1 2500 internal-600e 600 dn125/pn10 >2kpa ø1200*7000 ø1050 8-m30 1 2800 internal-1000e 1000 dn150/pn10 >2kpa ø1400*8000 ø1200 8-m30 1 3500 internal-1500e 1500 dn200/pn10 >2kpa ø1600*8000 ø1400 8-m30 1 4800 note: consult factory for different media can be specific selection

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