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a torch for achieving emission standards in china

  • published: 2019-10-15 10:50:00
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fuzhou hongmiaoling landfill leachate regulating reservoir  renovation project, a 15m-high enclosed torch ordered from our company has been installed and accepted at the end of september 2019.

the torch can completely control the flame of biogas combustion in the radiation-proof and heat-insulated cylinder, and the flame can not be seen outside (i.e. no open flame). it has the advantages of full combustion and long flame residence time. it also minimizes the thermal radiation to the surrounding environment, greatly reduces the air pollution to the surrounding environment, and improves the safety of the torch operation. the flue gas emission conforms to the comprehensive emission standard of atmospheric pollutants (gb16297-1996), and becomes the first torch in china to truly achieve the emission standard.

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