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to contribute to garbage sortation & treatment in shanghai:

  • published: 2019-09-04 12:16:00
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nanjing carbon recycle biomass technology co., ltd. participates in the construction of wet garbage resource treatment project in songjiang district .shanghai.

in order to speed up the construction of end-treatment facilities for household waste recycling in songjiang district. shanghai, the government has invested in the construction of wet garbage recycling projects with pretreatment system, anaerobic digestion system, biogas system and sewage treatment system as the main equipment. the total investment of the project is about rmb880 million yuan.

during the running of the project, the main environmental issues are the bad odours from the integrated workshop and sewage treatment system, as well as the combustion exhaust gas generated by the biogas gas engines. the odorous gas is collected and purified in a combined deodorization system of chemical washing, plant liquid washing and biological deodorization. under normal operation conditions, the predicted hourly concentration, daily concentration and annual average concentration of pollutants at sensitive targets can meet the corresponding limits of environmental air quality standards, and have no pollution impact on local environmental air quality.

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