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customer needs, our responsibilities

  • published: 2020-02-24 13:19:32
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the epidemic is raging and cannot stop our responsibility.

on february 10th, an emergency call was received. the biogas power generation customers in xinle city, hebei, urgently needed to put into operation biogas pretreatment equipment for winter heating of biogas boilers.

after receiving the customer's demand instruction, the company's sales department urgently transferred it to the engineering staff. in the face of the regulations that the debugger cannot enter the site and needs to be isolated and observed, the customer is anxious, think of ways, innovate ideas, the commissioning technicians take remote guidance to overcome difficulties, and the biogas pretreatment equipment that has been put on hold for nearly 8 months runs successfully meet the biogas pressure, temperature, water content, dust content and other indicators to ensure the reliable operation of the back-end boiler / gas generator.

rectec, under any circumstances, will be the customer's reliance and protection!

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